Prescription glasses incl. lenses starting at CHF 195

We exclusively use high-quality prescription lenses. All of our lenses (optical and sunglasses) are anti-reflective, coated with a very hard and shatterproof material and equipped with UV protection.

Single Vision Lenses

For a clear view - near or far

For aesthetic reasons we recommend thinner lenses for stronger prescriptions.

TypefromTotal price (incl. frame)
Regular Up to 2 dioptres CHF 195
Thin +/- 2 dioptres CHF 245
Extra thin +/- 4 dioptres CHF 295
Special lens +/- 6 dioptres CHF 345

Progressive Lenses

For clear and sharp vision at all distances

We need separate measurements for progressive lenses - please visit us at one of our flagship stores.

TypeTotal price (incl. frame)
Standard from CHF 495
Professional from CHF 695
Individual from CHF 795
OthersTotal price (incl. frame)
Computer glasses from CHF 345


Everything's possible for sun worshippers

All the single vision and progressive lenses are also available for sunglasses.

OptionsTotal price (incl. frame)
Sunglasses from CHF 175
Prescription sunglasses from CHF 275
Polarised lenses  + CHF 50


For every situation

We offer the entire optician portfolio.

Additional productsSurcharge
Lenses with prism + CHF 50
Transition lenses + CHF 100
Change of lens colour + CHF 50
Complex prescription single vision lenses + CHF 200
Complex prescription progressive lenses + CHF 150